Event Tray Pricing & Rentals

Occasions is pleased to offer prepared trays for your event. The same attention to detail, presentation, and flavor is given to all of our dishes. We will gladly prepare your selections and deliver to your event. Trays are recommended for those events that wish to offer a refreshment while you may be uncertain of the number of guests or within a fixed budget.

Hot items are delivered in chaffing dishes ready for your event. Following the event, caterer will return to collect chaffing dishes and serving platters. A full description of the items listed below is included in the Hors'd oeuvre & Appetizer Menu. Orders that are less than $200.00 are subject to a $25.00 delivery fee.

Please understand that tray pricing and delivery of trays is quite simply delivery of prepared trays and does not include the customary services of the caterer. Please contact us to discuss ala carte services and pricing if you should require additional services which may include and are not limited to:

The set up of food presentation buffet table(linen and skirting)

Decoration and display of food trays

Serving utensils and disposables( plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery)

Provide staff to serve, remove and replace trays,or assist guests

Post event break down and clean up


Seasonal Fresh Fruit Display Large $100.00 Med $80.00 Small $60.00

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries $20.00/ Dozen

Vegetable Crudities with Dips Large $50.00 Small $30.00

Assorted Party Sandwiches Assorted $18.00/ Dozen

$20.00/ Tray ( approx 2 Dozen)

Premium Party Sandwiches $25.00/ Dozen

Premium Cocktail Croissants $30.00/ Dozen

Assorted Canapes $18.00/ Tray (12-15 pieces)

Domestic and Imported Cheese and Fruit Display

Domestic Large $78.00 Medium $60.00 Small $48.00

Gourmet Large $125.00 Medium $100.00 Small $85.00

Combination Large $105.00 Medium $85.00

Cheese Balls, Spreads, Rings, Molds, and Roulades

Party Cheddar Cheese Ball ($28.00)

Bacon Cheddar Cheese Ball ($33.00)

Basil Cheese Ball ($28.00)

Mediterranean Cheese Ball ($30.00)

Tropical Cheese Ball ($28.00)

Key Lime Chesse Ball ($28.00)

"Georgia Plains" Cheese Ring ($28.00)

Amaretto White Chocolate Cheese Ball ($30.00)

Shredded Beef Cheese Ball ($32.00)

Chilled Shrimp Cheese Ball ($38.00)

Chilled Crab Dip ($35.00)

Savannah Garlic Cheese Spread ($25.00)

Herbed Cheese Spread ($25.00)

Chilled Shrimp Dip ($30.00)

Shrimp Butter Spread ($28.00)

Chilled Salmon Dip or Mold ($36.00)

Chilled Spinach Dip in Hawaiian Bread Bowl ($28.00)

Aritchoke Dip ($32.00)

Mexican Layered Dip ($32.00)

Almond Bacon Cheese Spread ($35.00)

Guacamole ($18.00)

Salmon Cheesecake 9 "($50.00)

Pesto or Sun Dried Tomato Cheesecake 8" ($30.00) 9" $40.00

Hot Dips delivered and served in Chaffing Dishes

Savannah Crab ($96.00)

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip ($80.00)

Crab and Artichoke ($90.00)

Crab and Spinach ($90.00)

Hot Artichoke ($70.00)

Crab Au Gratin ($95.00)

Artichoke and Mushroom ($70.00)

Marinated Mushroom ($70.00)

Asparagus Dip ($78.00)

Broccoli Dip ($70.00)

Chipped Beef ($70.00)

Heart of Palm Dip ($70.00)

Vidalia Onion ($75.00)

Southwest Chili Cheese Dip ($80.00)


Bacon wrapped Shrimp $135.00/ 100

Bacon wrapped Stuffed Shrimp $150.00/ 100

Bacon wrapped Scallops $145.00/ 100

Bacon wrapped Oysters Supreme $150.00/ 100

Bacon wrapped Jalapeno Peppers $90.00/ 100

Bacon wrapped Bread Sticks $80.00/ 100

Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus $100.00/ 100

Fresh or Marinated

Proscuitto wrapped Melon $90.00/ 100

Shrimp Cocktail Market Pricing

Oysters Market Pricing

Chicken $150.00/ 100 pieces

Crisp Fried Chicken Tenders

Buffalo Wings

Chicken Skewers

Meatballs $85.00/ 100 pieces

Carving Station with your selection of Turkey Breast, Baked Ham, Roast Pork Loin, or Roasted Beef Tenderloin Market Pricing

Meat and Cheese Tray Large $90.00 Small $75.00

Miscellaneous Selections

Deviled Eggs $4.70/ dozen

Shrimp Kabobs $18.00/ dozen (subject to market pricing)

Sausage Kabobs $12.00/ dozen

Spiced Pecans $18.00/pound

Mini Grape Cheese Balls $35.00/ 4 dozen

Cheese and Onion Tartlets $9.00/dozen

Mini Ham Biscuits $12.00/ dozen

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms $70.00/ 4 dozen

Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms $50.00/ 5 dozen

Sausage Cheese Stars $25.00/ 4 dozen

Sausage Cheese Balls $20.00/ 4 dozen

Pigs in a Blanket $7.50/ dozen

Mini Vegetable Pizza Bites $25.00/ 3 dozen

Carved Beef Tenderloin on Pastry $200.00/ 10 dozen

Cocktail Sausages $50.00/ 8 dozen

Greek Triangles $10.00/ dozen

Chicken Mini Egg Rolls $10.00/ dozen

Assorted Mini Quiches $9.00/ dozen

Cheese Straws $12.00/ 4 dozen

Mini Crab Cakes $18.00/ dozen

Assorted Mini Desserts $30.00/ 2 dozen

Pecan Tartlets $12.00/ dozen

Cream Puffs $8.50/ dozen

Gooey Butter Cake Squares $9.00/ dozen

Fudge Squares $10.00/ dozen

Cakes and Pies

Caramel Cake $25.00

Chocolate Cake $20.00

8 Layer Chocolate Cake $30.00

Coconut Cake $25.00

Red Velvet Cake $28.00

Pound Cake $20.00

Key Lime Cake $20.00

Key Lime Pie $15.00

Pecan Pie $18.00

Coconut Pie $15.00
Plates and Glassware

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